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Paper Monkey Legal Services will give you the focused and personalized attention you are just not going to find from the larger nationwide companies. We are a very small team of professionals working a region that is geographically and socially challenging. You will never get "lost" in our system. We support:


Begins at


First Service in 1-4 Days

3-5 Attempts Minimum

Attempts every 36-72 Hours


Specializing in reaching communities that very few servers will travel to, we are the first and last server you will ever need to contact in our region.

Our easy-to-use system allows you to quickly request service, upload documents, and generate a highly accurate cost estimate based on your service needs. You can order service now by clicking here.

Based in the heart of the stunning Palouse Prairie, Paper Monkey Legal services a region spanning nearly 68,000 sq miles, in 2 states, over 30 counties, and reaching 557 cities & towns.

We are a proud upstanding member of

NAPPS (National Association of Professional Process Servers)

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